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We help our customers and partners to provide testing with Eye Tracking research technology.

  • Eye tracking Glasses
    Designed for use in the real world - market research, outdoor research and etc.

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  • Stand alone eyetracker
    This eyetracker allows to test design of the website, video and to provide package testing.

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Stand alone eyetrackers

Stand-alone Eye Trackers offer a great variety of set-ups and are useful for research on how people view real physical objects or projections of simulated real life size objects etc. They are also suitable for studies of interactive television, gaming, virtual reality environments and simulators as well as for mobiles, tablets and other physical devices or consumer products.


Eye tracking glasses

Head mounted Eye Trackers allow full mobility while the eye gaze is being recorded and subsequently offers a unique way of catching people’s gaze movements in real life environments and scenarios.


How it works

At the stage of preliminary consultations, it turns out an overview of the test, determined by the details of the study.


Preparation and planning scenario studies, questionnaires and creating a structure of media objects, the target groups of respondents are determined.

Data capture

Conducting research is the installation and calibration of equipment, instruction and supervision of the respondents of the testing process.

Data analysis

Analysis of the results of the study - one of the most labor-intensive stages of testing. During the analysis, data evaluation procedure is carried out for each respondent and compiled static and dynamic group reports on the study.


Based on testing (focus area, heat maps, gaze movement chart) reports, expert opinions compiled statistics for the marketer, provided the final recommendations of specialists.

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